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  1. I bought their class. It's worth it if you are a beginner, but a lot of the stuff is kind of redundant. I liked the class a lot.
  2. I think so, Shopify includes hosting and everything. You don't have to deal with the headache of a hosting company (Godaddy has been awful lately with their outages). I would go for it! 30 bucks isn't much, that's like two nice lunches for me out to eat 😉
  3. With the world in it's current state, what genre of e-commerce do you think I should get in?
  4. So glad I saw this, I've been wanting to get Canva! But I keep forgetting, lol. Is it expensive?
  5. I see ads for concerts on youtube, but there's no way they are happening, i wonder why I am seeing the ads. Miss going to concerts tho 😞
  6. Scientology is just a money scheme. The higher ups get tons of $$.
  7. He didn't accomplish anything. I don't like Trump but I also don't like Biden. Biden has nothing going for his campaign IMO.
  8. I used Dreamweaver back in my college days, but do people still build custom sites with it?
  9. Whats the difference between their monthly "photoshop + Lightroom" which is $10 a month cheaper than just Photoshop?
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