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  1. Yoast is awesome! We use it for our product descriptions on our product pages. Helps to have a tool to comb through the readability of your copy.
  2. Is it worth spending money on a billboard today? What are your thoughts?
  3. Start an ebay business selling items that you import!
  4. Amazon! Their sales are higher than ever I'd imagine with everyone at home.
  5. What's a good monthly budget for SEO for an online store?
  6. I didn't like Upwork. I got scammed by an indian lady who said she would leave me bad feedback if I left her bad feedback, so I was basically forced to leave her good feedback... looking back, I would have reported the message, but I didn't spend much and I didn't really know what I was doing.
  7. 2 times a day, post during the "sweet spots" of the day, mid - late morning and after lunch. Also after dinner time too.
  8. Looks like Oracle is buying Tik Tok. Sucks because I was betting on Microsoft to get it! Bought into their stock last week. Oh well!
  9. Yes, I do a giveaway abut 3 times a month, randomly.
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