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  1. Go to Namecheap.com... SO MANY options! It's insane how many they have these days.
  2. I haven't but I think a lot of them are still for sale.... people holding them hoping someone will pay their outrageous prices... I did buy some expired domains from an expired domain listing site.
  3. If your profits are good, I guess Shopify is worth it... but don't they take out a percentage of every one of your sales??
  4. Youtube Youtube Youtube....
  5. I did a trial of it, I thought it was cool, just didn't wanna pay Shopify a monthly fee when I can get hosting for $5/month....
  6. Do you guys think Microsoft will buy Tik Tok?
  7. Is Venmo just for taking direct payments through the app? I can't embed it into a website?
  8. My name is Adam and I have been into marketing/SEO/graphic design for 15 years. Looking to expand into E-Commerce and wanting to learn more about it. Anyone have a successful E-commerce business that they built from scratch?
  9. First, how long does the battery in your wireless mouse last? Second, can someone recommend a good wireless mouse that holds the battery for a while? I have to change the one out that I have currently every 2 - 3 weeks, it's ridiculous.
  10. I want the best noise cancelling headphones that I can get. I have to travel in Oct. Are Bose the best?
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