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  1. Oberlo is fine, but make sure the product options transfer into your store correctly. I had to go back and fine tune it, some didn't transfer in correctly like what was showing on Aliexpress. As far as China, I think the customers forget about it as soon as they are satisfied with the product and see it, so make sure you are only selling quality items, don't be tempted to sell the really really cheap stuff.
  2. Depends on the number of followers you have. If you have a huge audience, three times a day is great. If you only have 100 followers or so, 3 times a day can be overkill. I'd make 1 or 2 POWERFUL posts instead of 3 posts.
  3. I might be interested. I have too much on my plate right now and am looking to outsource some of the work.
  4. Starting out, I'd go with Yelp since they'll post your business at the top (but make sure your reviews are good and you have some photos up). Then, I'd run Facebook ads, again, with really great photos. Hope that helps! I have worked with a local Brazilian steakhouse for 10 years and I do all of their marketing.
  5. I would do a giveaway randomly. Don't let people expect it, otherwise they may not follow your channel unless they are expecting the giveaway on a certain date, etc.
  6. I use Ahrefs and pay 100 bucks / month. Worth it!
  7. What do you think the best business is to get into nowadays? Something to sell online? Dropshipping? Affiliate marketing? Amazon FBA? Amazon Affiliate? Any ideas welcome! Wanting to get something up and running before 2021.
  8. Last I checked, it's very risky for someone to send a payment to someone via CashApp. I've read stories of someone who paid via CashApp and didn't get their money back and tried to get CashApp to launch an investigation, not sure how it turned out. I'd say you'd be okay to take the payment with CashApp. To be honest, I wouldn't deal with that buyer you are talking about again. You don't know what else he may have up his sleeve.
  9. So I am wanting to start an SEO business, but the name I want is very similar to someone else's name in another state. I will be offering my services worldwide. Should I just ditch the name and get a new one? I don't want to get into any lawsuits.
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