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  1. I set up a store about 4 years ago. But I never got any sales, lol. I didn't like that the items were coming from China. I think in today's times, it would be even more frowned upon! You'd probably be best off just keeping one or two items in stock yourself then shipping them out. I think the added wait time + China packaging would be a huge turn off!
  2. It's so funny you mentioned Ecwid. I figured no one had heard of it. I used it in 2013 for a very small T-shirt business. I liked it a lot! It's very simple and I would say great for beginners. You can use the plugin on Wordpress too! That's what I did. But now, I am debating on whether to use Woocommerce or Shopify.
  3. He must have been a pro at ad campaigns! This is where I am lacking currently. Can you recommend any good videos on advertising?
  4. Debating on whether to go with Shopify or with Woocommerce (via Wordpress) which is free (unless you purchase upgraded plugins). What do you think? I don't want to spend $30 a month on Shopify when I could put it towards marketing.
  5. So I've heard that 500 - 750 words is the "sweet spot" for blog article lengths... what do you think? Anyone with experience that can help me out?
  6. To be honest, I haven't clicked on an ad for years. But, I think there are many people that do click on them.
  7. I'd go with Facebook. I think people scroll faster on Instagram. I have a friend who sees these targeted ads on Facebook all the time and he buys something about once every two months from these ads. They do a great job of grabbing his attention (they are on Facebook). LIke @saltlife1 said above, if you have an interesting video that draws you in (30 - 60 seconds), you'd do great on Facebook.
  8. Check the interests field option when setting up the ad. If you have a product centered around kitchen tools, set your audience for interests in cooking, food blogs etc. I haven't really figured this out entirely, some of the categories seem too generic, but with testing, I think you could figure out your perfect audience.
  9. It's never too late in my opinion. The winter will bring a rise in cases, aka more masks needed. Now is a perfect time to get creative. I think even after the vaccine comes out, people are still going to wear masks. This pandemic is no joke and many are likely scarred for the rest of their lives regarding viruses, germs, etc.
  10. Hi Sam, Yes, I have done some work with mturk. Honestly, it's not the best paying. I think you'd likely be better off on upwork or fiverr and creating gigs.
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