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  1. I have purchased their backup program but do they also backup databases? Not sure if anyone has noticed, but Godaddy has had a lot of disruptions in their servers the past week. I am nervous about my websites being hosted with them.
  2. Do you only get a cut of whatever else they buy that day?
  3. I think as of now, you'd have to reach out to influencers on there directly.
  4. Has anyone used Ecwid as an ecommerce platform?
  5. I don't like things like this... too much tedious tasks... I think you'd be better off learning how to build wordpress websites and finding out how to market them to others. You could make a great lump sum at once doing that. Just curious, but on average, how much do you think you made an hour doing MTURK?
  6. Take 10% - 20% of your $1000 and invest it in stocks. Invest in quality companies. Then, by the time you have things figured out, you'll have even more money to play around with. I'd start with dropshipping as far as a new venture.
  7. My wife loves to sew. She wants to start her own face mask business. Do you think the market is too saturated right now?
  8. I think there will always be cashiers. Some people are lazy and don't want to ring up 50+ items (myself included). At my local grocery store which is 24 hours, at night, there is only self checkout and one person working. BUT people with a huge cart of items will request that this cashier self checkout helper on duty ring them up at their register (which they keep open for theses instances). I think if it comes to people having to check everything out, then online ordering will really skyrocket.
  9. I haven't had much success, but I've used JVZoo and Clickbank. I think if you can define your audience, you'll do well.
  10. Excited to be here. I want to learn more about marketing and how I can utilize various tools to kickstart my online business. Excited for what the future holds! Cheers, Max Y.
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