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  1. Def not! I saw the cutest face masks in Target for kids btw... But I think they could have been made better... I think there could be some really fun things to do in making face masks for kids!
  2. Once you get a product rolling, you can pretty much put it on auto pilot. But it takes a lot of capitol to invest in getting your product at the top of Amazon search results, which will in turn get you purchases/reviews on your product which makes it show up higher and higher. You could hire an Amazon product specialist to help you out, I bet there are some on Upwork.
  3. I would talk to a local business and just ask them straight up what they did. Lots of folks are happy to share their story. You could also talk to a business consultant that specializes in food items.
  4. Dropshopping. People are buying things online more than ever now. And they have lots of time now to sit at home, on their phones, looking at social media, etc., which makes it a perfect time to jump on social media ads, etc.
  5. You're good to go as long as it's Dell. Seriously. Don't waste your money on anything else, especially HP. My friend got a Lenovo and it was crap, even though people say it's a good brand to get.
  6. Nice! First thing I thought of though was, perfect daytrading setup, lmao!
  7. I learned the hard way that you get what you pay for... I bought an HP laptop that I am using now, and with every Windows 10 update, the thing gets slower and slower... p.s. is there a way to completely turn off updates??? My old HP was never updated and still runs fine after 10 years... this one I've had for 4 years and it's so slow.
  8. If I take a payment via Cashapp, is there a way the buyer could appeal the charge and get the money back? I have a sketchy buyer on my main e-commerce site, and he just reported the last payment but claims he didn't, I won the paypal case luckily, but he still claims he didn't file it... it was his second purchase from me. Now he wants to buy something again, but I told him he would have to pay through Cashapp (because I have read the buyer can't get their money back - BUT - is this even true?). Thank you!
  9. Hi all, I have an Instagram account with over 100K (it's fashion based). I offer promos if anyone is interested! And I can also put your link in the bio. Cheers, Maddy
  10. Hi everyone, I have a REALLY good domain name involving the category of celebrities, and I know the site would rank well in Google, but how do I go about using photos of celebrities? I see other websites post all sorts of photos that surely have to be copyrighted? Is there a loophole somehow I can post them but give credit? I don't want to be sued. I have read about a blogger who used some photographer's photo (he would purposely put them out there so people would use them and he could sue), and he sued her for over $100K. Is there a way to post these photos that are on multiple websites?
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