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  1. He is such a genius to do what he did with print on demand... I think it's a very underused category of e-commerce.
  2. Did anyone ever demand their money back?
  3. That's a brilliant point... on FB there are so many distractions. Someone HAS to see the photo on instagram since that's the only thing on the screen. Thank you very much!
  4. Do any of you use comments on other blogs to build your links? How well does it work?
  5. I'm debating on whether to do 50 50 and split my ad budget b/t Facebook and Instagram, or should I do all Instagram? Or maybe all Facebook? I am selling cookware that is cat themed.
  6. I learned EVERYTHING on youtube! There are so many great videos. Just be patient and find the right one that helps you.
  7. Biden won't even take live questions from the press, because he is not all there mentally. I am worried for his health. It doesn't look good for him. I will be surprised if he actually makes it to the debate with trump. I believe if Biden wins, they will deem him unfit shortly after, then Harris will be president, and I don't like her, she's very fake and did a lot of bad things in her career regarding locking up those who committed non violent crimes. If Biden wins, the stocks will tank. I swing trade on the side and this will not be good for me as I will have to pay more taxes. Look how well the economy did before covid (and even the stocks now during). Do you think it would be that good with Biden? Ask yourself that...
  8. Does anyone have a great laptop that you can run tons of internet tabs and work on a program like Photoshop at the same time? I thought my HP laptop could handle this (paid under $450 for it) but it's just getting SO slow and I have only had it a year. Looking for a good laptop around the price range of $1000. Thanks very much.
  9. Does anyone use a good SEO software/program? If so, what is the name and the cost you paid? I'm looking for one that's under $500 if possible.
  10. I've owned the domain deathpics.com... kinda morbid name I know haha... but similar domains are for sale for around $10 K - $12K. It has a great potential to rank well on Google. I built a little site on there onetime for celebrity death photos and it started getting hits within a month on Google. I didn't keep it up though. Right now I don't have time to maintain another site, so I am looking to see if anyone is interested in purchasing it.
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