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  1. You won't be super rich but you can probably make a decent living off of it or maybe it would be a good part time job on the side. Good luck hope you find a good server admin job :)
  2. I will eventually go back to the theatre especially if there is a movie that I really want to see. There are no movies currently in the theatre that I want to see at the moment so I'm happy still just binge watching Netflix.
  3. Hintz24

    Natural Disasters

    What kind of natural disasters happen in your area? Hopefully not too many or any at all! Thankfully I live in a place where its just rain, hail (although hail can be bad) and then cold winters with lots of snow.
  4. Hintz24


    Do you enjoy playing cards? There are countless number of card games. I really like playing Texas Hold em.
  5. Yes there's a few different ways to go about this so it's hard to explain unless the original poster can elaborate on it a bit further.
  6. If your house is on fire and you only had enough time to grab one thing before you had to get outside what would that one thing be?
  7. Do you live by the mountains or the beach or both or neither? within an hour drive I live by some lakes that have man made beaches for it.
  8. Where do you usually go the most when you go to a Fast food restaurant? I like going to Subway the best.
  9. My answer is easy. I don't have any since I hardly read books. If I were to get into reading more what authors do you recommend most?
  10. Hintz24

    Burger toppings

    I like it both sometimes with cheese and sometimes with not. If I'm too lazy to do all the toppings and such then I just go with a plain burger.
  11. Hintz24

    Favorite planet?

    I like Mars. Can people really get the chocolate bars from that planet? That would be cool if you could.
  12. I do not floss, I'm terrible for that. I should get into flossing. I just brush my teeth two times a day.
  13. I haven't used an actual camera in years. I just use my phone to take pictures. I know cameras are way better but that's just another thing you have to carry around with you when you are out and about. Good luck finding a camera 🙂 did you find one yet?
  14. Here we have a Swiss Chalet, McDonald's, A&W, we mostly have fast food around here.
  15. Hintz24

    Bus fare

    I had to look it up on the website here it's $2.00 for adults. $3 per ride sounds quite expensive.
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