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  1. Damon

    Keep it short

    When it comes to copy, you don't need to go into detail. The best thing one can do, is keep it short, but make sure it gives enough info. Copy is fairly simple. As an example, lets say you're advertising an upcoming event. Lets say it's an online event with a game involved. Copy should be simple "Hey, we'll be playing [game] today at 4pm est. If you'd like to join, follow the link below" Something simple. You don't want to make things too complex either. So, keep it short, but with enough info.
  2. I am not really that religious. Even though I was born into a Christian family. I followed it for a while, but then I just stopped. I didn't see a reason to continue with it, as I didn't believe it. I believe we live and we die. As grim as that is, that is what I believe. I think it makes life more important if anything. We only have one life to live, and it really comes down to how you make it. I do not believe in a god. But, I am cool if you do. I respect that religion helps a lot of people. It's a powerful thing, and I respect it, but I just don't believe it.
  3. I hear that Google will penalize sites based on what kind of content is on their site. So it got me thinking, do pornographic sites tend to have a tougher time ranking? Or are they just naturally ranked like any other site? As well, what could penalize a site in google or any other search engine? I hear with Google Ad-sense, they don't allow sites with gambling/betting/casinos to use. That may not count towards search engines, but I felt like if it's blocked there, maybe it's blocked via search as well. Anyway, discuss!
  4. If you were able to become a pro at one sport, what would it be and why? I think I'd like to be a pro at Football, and play for the Green Bay Packers. Maybe as QB or as a WR. Or maybe as a running back even. I kind of wanted to play football when I was a kid, and I think it would be cool to be a pro at football. What sport would you love to be a pro at if you could?
  5. It's so sad, he was such a huge talent in Hollywood, and I really thought he was breaking out and starting to get more starring roles. I'm glad he was able to make some movies. I hear he has a wife and kids, so that makes it even more devastating. At least they have their fathers work to be reminded of. A great list of work it is too. RIP to the Black Panther.
  6. You may want to slow it down on giveaways. It may bring people in, it just doesn't garauntee they will stick around. You will also get people who enter giveaways like it's a career. A site I worked for did a giveaway, and we got a few people who were essentially made a career out of entering contests.
  7. I got into it when I was a kid, the time when wcw went to war with the wwf. Was such a crazy time, and then the wwf bought the wcw and I kind of drifted away from wrestling. My favorite wrestler was Stone Cold Steve Austin. I got more into the wwf at the time so I enjoyed their wrestlers a bit more. But I did also like Sting.
  8. I think there are, but I can't think of any. I know Facebook you can make your profile private, but I still think your info might be sold by FB. I know there are anonymous sites out there, but I don't recall using any of them.
  9. Has anyone here heard of Canva? It's an online service you can use to make graphics for pretty much any cause. The only downside, is that it costs a monthly fee, but it's worth it for how easy it is to edit photos and graphics. As well, it doesn't require you to open a power intensive program to make graphics.
  10. We all know of .com and .net domains, but what about some other domains? Are there any others that I should try using? I know domains like .gov or .org won't work. I'm open to suggestions.
  11. Can server admins make a lot of money? I would like to apply for jobs for site & server administration, as I have some admin work for other sites I've worked for in the past. I figure I could move my expertise to servers and all that. I know a good amount, so I imagine I can figure it out.
  12. Damon

    Mountains or beach?

    A combination of both kind of. There's a bunch of lakes near me, but we have some mountainous areas. I think there's a few beaches near me as well.
  13. Just get a phablet, a phone that's a bit bigger in size so it is more of a tablet phone. Samsung probably make the best Phablets out there. But, usually I go with phones, just easier to carry around, put on your person, etc. Tablets can be too bulky sometimes.
  14. My first gaming memory probably comes from when I went to my first ever arcade, well to Chuck e cheese. I remember playing some of the arcade machines and having a blast. I was mesmerized because at that point, I never played any video games. I didn't even have a NES or anything. After the arcade though, I was so excited that my parents eventually got me a Sega Genesis. 😄
  15. I have a Lenovo tablet that used to be a PC/tablet combo. But I no longer have the keyboard. It works great for what I use it for. I had a Samsung tablet a few years ago, but it broke and sadly I couldn't get it repaired. 😞
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