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  1. I feel as if twitter is starting to lose popularity. Facebook and Instagram are probably the leaders. And you can't count out tiktok right now, as that is increasing in popularity day by day. Who knows if anyone is going to purchase tiktok. Anyway, is twitter the next social site that closes? Or is there other social sites closer to the end?
  2. Maybe it's a website you went to as a kid. Maybe it's the first social site you joined, or maybe it's a fan site. Have you ever bought a domain that was once popular? Like maybe associated with a brand or company? I have not, but I would love to know if anyone here has.
  3. What are your thoughts on Scientology? Do you think it's a real religion? Or do you believe it could be a cult? I know a lot of celebs and other famous people are Scientologists, but I would never follow a religion like this. I don't even want to call it a religion, but I will let it go. If you believe in it, that's fine. I just don't. Do you believe in it?
  4. Is it possible to rank on a private search engine? Private search engines like Duckduckgo, Gibiru, StartPage, Lukol and others. Is it essentially the same way to rank on these search engines as it is to on Google?
  5. One thing I always recommend people do, is do guest articles on sites/blogs. If you do guest posts, make sure the person you're doing it for, also does a guest post on your site. Teaming up like this can help a lot. I find that having people do guest articles, has helped draw in new eyes and keep people around longer.
  6. I truly believe Facebook wins the social media war and eventually buys up all the other social sites. First Twitter will go, and then any other small social site is either going to close, or be bought out. Do you think Facebook will be the only social media site around? I feel like they have the best one, even though they're kind of corrupt and they keep track of all our private info as well.
  7. I tend to enjoy my tablet more than I do my phone. I think it's because it's easier to use when I need to do anything for work. My phone is great and all, but it doesn't work great when I need to do work. Plus with a tablet, you can get a wireless keyboard as well. Win-win! 🙂 What do you prefer?
  8. Has anyone heard of this game? It looks like a survival horror game, with various stories. Warning, this trailer is a bit disturbing, so if you're not comfortable with gore (not real, just game gore), then please don't watch. And here's some gameplay. The first part kind of reminds me of Fatal Frame.
  9. How much would you guys say a copywriter can make in their job? I would like to know the going rate for new copywriters and ones already well established. Can copywriting pay a lot? If so, I would take a job doing some copywriting.
  10. I thankfully have never had to deal with a lawsuit. I feel for anyone who has to go through one, they're very costly and if I ever had to do one, I don't think I'd survive it. Anyway, have you ever had a lawsuit against you? If so, what happened? Are you allowed to say?
  11. My first gaming memory is probably playing the first Super Mario Bros. I remember my mom showing me the game. I watched her play it for a bit, then she let me have a try. I remember it vividly too, like it just happened. Would be so cool to go back to revisit playing it for the first time again.
  12. Tyson


    Yeah, Monopoly can be a chore of a game to get through. I love it, but you really need a group of friends who invest into playing it for a night. I kind of want to have a board game night with friends and play some monopoly. I haven't played it in years.
  13. I think it's inevitable at this point. The wal-mart near me, has mostly self checkouts now, with maybe 5 cashiers. It's crazy to think, that one day, everything might be automated like this. I wonder if we'll eventually get to a jobless society. Where the only people with jobs, are the ones doing maintenance on this stuff.
  14. Tyson

    Coffee or Tea?

    Coffee for sure. I don't mind tea once in a while, but it has to be warm tea. I don't like cool or cold tea for some reason. I try not to drink too much coffee, gives me the jitters if I drink too much. Two cups in the morning and I'm ready for the day.
  15. Tyson

    Virtual Reality

    I would love to try the Oculus rift or the vive headset. Or whatever headsets they have on the market. I was thinking of getting a PS VR, but idk if I want to spend that much money right now. I hope VR lowers in price soon. Would like to give it a try soon.
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