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  1. So I want to make a cheap entertainment center. It will accomadate my TV, video game consoles and collectibles. I want to extend it the length of my wall, all the way up to the ceiling. What I had in mind, was to make it where I'd be able to store everything, including my games and also have drawers set up for clothes and gaming peripherals. I think this would solve a lot of storage issues in my room. How much do you think it would cost in materials? And what tools do you think I'd need? I figure a hammer, nails/screws, sandpaper, a saw, wood of course and other things.
  2. Are you religious at all? I was born into Christianity, but I don't follow the religion like I did when I was a kid and teen. Now days I'm non-religious. I don't go by any signs, not even atheist or agnostic. I believe we had gods, but I believe they were people just like the rest of us. I'm cool with people who are religious and not. I'll be friends with most people anyway. :)
  3. Does anyone here do any physical marketing? Sometimes the internet isn't always the best place to draw in traffic, sometimes putting an ad in your local news paper, or an ad on a local bus or building. What other forms of marketing do you use besides online marketing? I've put up signs around my town, I've put ads in papers, on community boards, stores, etc. Sometimes I'd offer an advertising deal with those advertising for me, So I'd advertise for them on my site. What types of physical marketing do you use?
  4. I am an artist and do a lot of drawing. I especially like to do graphic design drawing, but mostly by hand. I have a drawing tablet and everything, so I have what is needed, aside from a good quality program to use the tablet for. Any suggestions for good drawing software?
  5. What are some alternatives to Facebook, but is almost like Facebook? I want to drop facebook, and find a new social networking site that isn't tracking you or stealing all of your private information. Facebook is known for their privacy issues, so is there any good alternatives worth trying out instead?
  6. I'm aware of Eclipse, gedit, Vim, and Notepad++, but that's really about it. All of those programs are free to use. I highly recommend Vim over the rest, but that's my opinion. Some of these are open source as well. There are others though.
  7. Oh goodness, I hate micro jobs. I tried doing some at microworkers and even tried my hands at mturk for a while, but I hated it. Too much work for very little pay. I heard some people create algorithms to get all the good work and in turn make more money. But I don't have the knowledge to do that. Maybe I could hire someone to handle that for me. Would be nice to create a bot that can collect easy jobs and complete them.
  8. Sure you can. I have a few sites where I post Amazon links and just getting one person to buy from your link, can result in many buys. Because if they buy anything else after clicking your link, you will also get a cut of those purchases. It doesn't pay the greatest, but it's extra money that can come in handy.
  9. MackGR33N

    GTA 6 is Coming??

    Oh for sure they're currently making GTA VI. Rockstar would be stupid not to produce another GTA game. We all know Rockstar will love to, especially when they can make an updated and new version of GTA Online so that they can continue to sell us shark cards and stuff. Or they'll just remaster GTA V and GTA Online forever.
  10. I'd say Instagram for me as well. I find myself using it more than Facebook. But even so, Facebook owns Instagram, so whatever you post there can be posted on either or. But yeah, Instagram is just more relaxing and fun. Facebook is just too chaotic because of how much goes on there.
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